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Galya`s yoga stydio in Atyrau

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How We Are Working?

n the studio we learn to work with a body and conscious by performing asanas of tradionational hatha-yoga, and to relax, take away stress and have a rest with the help of meditations. Asanas are not complicated, everybody can perform them, however their conscious performance is not an easy thing, as during the training one has to be completely involved in the process, and does not think about anything else. At the same time it is very interesting and useful to get concentrated only on the most important things, on what you are doing here and now, as this provides an opportunity to see yourself from the outside and not to waste your energy and strength.

Comfortable home environment and small groups (including not more than 5 persons) allow to provide individual work with every person, taking into account the peculiarities of organization of the body and level of health.

The work is aimed to both the therapeutic improvement and general reinforcement of human health and internal understanding of yourself at the level of the body and conscious. The style of work is very gentle, designed for persons with bonded bodies, who work with tense anxiety and whose life is sedentary.

The purpose of the training is to learn how to work with your body and conscious by the way of conscious concentration and relaxation. This helps to relax your body and conscious and returns a person to a harmonic natural state.

The result is the rehabilitation of the energy balance of the organism, good physical state and psychological resistance against stresses. However, the main result is the process of perception of yourself, which leads to your personal transformation.

The exercises are accompanied by meditations with visualizations, which help to develop subconscious psychological blocks, and also direct the conscious inside to meet with your intrinsic true Ego.

After completion of exercises we drink good Chinese tea, cost of which is included in cost of the classes. At this time you can ask any questions related to practice and application of the obtained knowledge in the actual life.

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