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Galya`s yoga stydio in Atyrau

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About Me

Please allow me a few minutes to tell you about myself and what I am so eager to share with you.

Although I recently lived in Moscow for much of my life, my new home is now is Atyrau.

Prior to moving to Atyrau, and after graduating from the university, I worked for many years as a lawyer, specializing in real estate law. I found the job, working for a large company, GazProm, to be very stressful; working with people and experiencing the condition of energy and emotional exhaustion. I’m sure many of you reading this know exactly what I’m referring to.

Before and after work I found myself unable to relax and thought only of work. As I needed an outlet; i.e., a way to escape from the everyday hectic situations I encountered each day, I was so fortunate to have discovered the wonderful world of yoga.

I began training, first beginning with local trainers, and eventually meeting and training personally with trainers from others countries, included two of my mentors, Indian teacher, Dr. J. Johnson, and Tibetan Lama, Ionten Giantzo.

By Indian and Tibetan tradition, yoga is not only the training of the body, but more importantly the connection between body and the mind and conscious, where inner peace is found.

They re-emphasized how one must take care of his/her body, to keep it healthy, and how to train the mind and body to relax and enjoy total relaxation and peace; such as this training I had never before experienced.

Now, after 8 years of practicing ha-tha yoga (body yoga) and 20 years of raja yoga practice (conscious yoga), I am in a position of being able to share this gift with you.

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