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Galya`s yoga stydio in Atyrau

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What Are We Wanting Of Yoga?

The purpose of the studio’s work is based on the principle: Conscious concentration and relaxation of body lead to the rest of mind and body. Pacific mind allows the man to see his own True nature. This process is also called not act. I.e., our work in the studio is the provision of help to the people, who would like to be internally integral. To cure internal fears, doubts, stresses, anxieties, and all that staff, which prevent us to be just ourselves.

We do this with the help of yoga asanas and meditations, learn to work with your body and conscious with the help of conscious concentration and relaxation. Applying the capability of conscious relaxation and concentration in the course of your life, you will learn to focus on main issues, not abstracting on the staff you do not need, and also you will learn to release physical and psychical stresses. You will be able to use released internal energy for good deeds (internal healing, creativity, productive work, etc.). That is why this work is the energetic one, i.e., it fills you with forces and develops the internal sensitivity.

When you are learned to listen and understand yourself, you will start to understand what obstructs your internal opening. You will be learning how to let things go away from your life consciously, which you do not need, and let new ideas into your life, opportunities and just a Life. I.e., you will become internally free and integral. Why the principle of work is based on conscious concentration and relaxation using yoga asanas and meditations. Generally, when one understands how the process is going on, one can use anything for the conscious concentration and relaxation – trip in the underground, shopping, dating with a boyfriend (or girlfriend), conflict with a boss in the office, etc.

However, yoga asanas and meditations were invented many centuries ago with the particular purpose to learn the man how to identify himself in a maximum convenient and pleasant way. That is why in the beginning it is better not to step away from the tradition. Yoga asanas will help you in natural way to get concentrated on what you are doing now. Unusual body postures help to learn to hear your own body, to feel and counterpart with it. During this work with the body we work through all stresses, which the body remembers, let them to the conscious level and get rid of them forever.

Asanas make the body beautiful and healthy, and mutual tune with your body, and the capability to feel it lead to a possibility to prevent diseases and enjoy sexual intercourse with a partner. Meditations help the conscious to be clear, allow to get rid of compulsive waste ideas, and also help to have permanent pacific condition of conscious, which is very important in our current stressful environment. By meditations combined with yoga asanas comes the understanding of internal emotional blocks, then their relaxation and “disappearance” take place.

This is especially important today. Everyone wants to be healthy and happy, however everyday stresses torture us not only emotionally, but are also registered by our physical body, and later may cause physical diseases. From the energetic standpoint the stress consequences are blocked energies, which do not allow you to comprehend the life integrally. You just do not know about that parts of your life, where you had stress. Your Ego does not allow you to get in there, that is why you feel fear of meeting with pain once again. The meditation is your help, healing of your soul, disengagement from sub-conscious wastes, which had become outdated long time ago and just prevent you to live happily.

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